Wednesday, April 22, 2009


Pillow Case, Comforter, & Bed Skirt

Tutu & Bow

For the Comforter:

first, I measured the bed (twin size) and baught the twin size packed batting..I doubled it up for thickness. I measured the design and cut the pieces and pinned them. I started from the middle and worked out.. the corners were done at the very end and I marked from the corner to the end to make an even straight line, pinned them and sewed. I then sewed on an old sheet for the backing of the comforter..sewing them right sides together, leaving one side open, then inserted the batting. I flattened it all out and sewed along the seams already present to keep everything together and then sewed the end!

Pillow case:

same design as the comforter, yet smaller verson. then i just added purple silk, folded it in half to make about an inch ruffle. folded from the inside and right sides together, flipped it around and the corners, I just turned inside out and sewed along the edge and turned it back around.. (I hope this is making sense). Then, pretty much the same as the comforter..although the back side of the pillow case there's one side a little larger and one smaller to make a fold over insert for the pillow..made from an old sheet ..that's the recycle well as the purple ribbon trim on the tutu bedskirt.. I had leftover from my wedding 6 years ago!


I used the existing bedskirt, cut off the sides and just sewed an old sheet panel on each side and then did a base stitch on double the length of the bed and ruffled it and sewed it on. Make sure you sew the ribbon trim on first thing!

The Bow and Tutu:

The bow.. can't really explain, but the Tutu.. fairly easy!

First, I did the belt.. I just wrapped 2 different ribbon around eachother..pinned them and sewed them. then I pinned on the old bedskirt fabric (from before the new tutu bedskirt!) and the tulle.. did a base stitch on the satin fabric lining and cut pieces of tulle and added them one by one, bunched them all together, pinned them and sewed them to the ribbon belt. then I added another strip of purple ribbon on the inside and sewed it on..for a finished look.

The bedding stuff was for my daughters birthday! and the Tutu and bow was made for my niece's birthday! I love making stuff for people :)