Sunday, June 20, 2010

Mom & Me

 So.. as of lately I have decided that I am not going to keep up with the Mom & Me website and I will just post the things that I make on Crafty Shak.. I have made stuff for people through custom order and that is what I will continue to do.. but I have mainly done word of mouth type stuff..not big on advertising.
 I really enjoy making stuff for other people! So if there is something you want.. I will make it!

some shopping cart covers and matching travel blankeys :)

Black and White Collection: bib, blankey, wipey case, burp cloth, nursing cover, binky clip, diaper bag, & changing pad

Brown and Blue Collection:

Pink & Brown Collection:

These are just examples of the baby items that I have made for people.. although I will no longer be making the diaper bags.

Nursing Cover

I made this nursing cover for a friend and I like the fabric.
I had some leftover nylon chiffon and made a flower..along with 2 different black and white fabrics.

flower detail