Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Dolls and Blankets

These dolls are a lot of fun to make and personalize them for the child you are making them for! this one is for my sweet neice :) she is turning 1. One day I figure out how to post the patterns on here..and if anyone knows, please inform me! Otherwise you can check it out at Martha Stewart, black apple dolls. I have modified the arms and hair shape a little..so you can make it how you want. Also, I embroidered the face, rather than paint.

This blanket is also for my neice's birthday! it's a 34"x42" with a 2" satin ruffle trim. Minky swirl and cotton. I prewashed the cotton side before I sewed on the minky side...I think this is a good idea, so that the different type of fabrics can be even when made and washed again.

Monday, February 1, 2010

Christmas Card Wreath

You need: 14" embroidery hoop: paint it any color you like or wrap with ribbon with glue.
small clothespins about 3" apart, glue with hot glue. (I alternated the pins facing different directions, but you can have them all going the same way)
4" ribbon tied between each clothespins
Large ribbon for hanging

Next, pin your Christmas cards onto the clothespins!

Puffy Heart Pendant, Window Seat Cover

Fuschia & Pink swarovski puffy heart

I decided my window cill needed a padded cusion bench seat. So I measure it and got working. I bought 2 in thick foam for the seating. I used Amy Butler print fabric and decorative cord for the edge. I also plan on putting a piece of batting on the top for extra cushion. If you are interested in making one and don't know how, contact me :)

There is a free tutorial for the Puffy Heart Pendant! visit http://www.mydailybead.blogspot.com/

You can use swarovski crystals..which I plan to do the next time, but this one I made with plastic beads and it turned out super cute!!

You need about 76 of one color of bead (about 4mm size) and about 37 or so of another color, same size. 100 cm of bead wire (clear) and another 50 cm (2 seperate pieces).

You also need about 10 small silver balls for the bale and about 12in or so of the wire.

About 3 large beads to fill the inside to keep the heart shape :)

Great gifts for Valentines Day!!