Sunday, June 20, 2010

Mom & Me

 So.. as of lately I have decided that I am not going to keep up with the Mom & Me website and I will just post the things that I make on Crafty Shak.. I have made stuff for people through custom order and that is what I will continue to do.. but I have mainly done word of mouth type stuff..not big on advertising.
 I really enjoy making stuff for other people! So if there is something you want.. I will make it!

some shopping cart covers and matching travel blankeys :)

Black and White Collection: bib, blankey, wipey case, burp cloth, nursing cover, binky clip, diaper bag, & changing pad

Brown and Blue Collection:

Pink & Brown Collection:

These are just examples of the baby items that I have made for people.. although I will no longer be making the diaper bags.

Nursing Cover

I made this nursing cover for a friend and I like the fabric.
I had some leftover nylon chiffon and made a flower..along with 2 different black and white fabrics.

flower detail

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Baby Boy!

As you may notice, I am having a boy..soon. Therefore, I bought 4 fabric patterns from Heather Bailey and went to work! of course in the meantime of all these projects, my machine went caput and had to borrow a friends (thank you Julia!!).
These projects are feasible, just a little time consuming..on some (like the bumper)
Baby blue, lime green, and yellow are the colors I chose, since the walls in the room were already the fabrics are mostly blue and green, with some yellow in 2 of them.
I bought 2 yards of 2 of the fabrics, and 1 yard of the other 2 and was able to make all this! I also used 2 sets of white sheets :) The minky fabric I bought about 1 yard and have some left over.. I even have some left over of the Heather Bailey fabric!
If you want instructions on any of these.. email me and I will be glad to help you out on your project!

Baby Travel Blankey: 2" satin trim 14x17
Binky Clip
Burp Rags
Tie Onesie
Car Seat Tent/Canopy
Pillow Case
Window Valance
Crib Bedding
inside bumper
outside bumper
Bed skirt
Now I am ready for this boy to come.. but I just need a name...

Saturday, April 3, 2010

Easter Bags!

Any girl would looove these Easter bags! they are easy and quick to make.

1. Cut a 17-by-10-inch piece of felt for the body of the bag. For added decoration, use pinking shears.
2. Cut two 1-by-10-inch strips of felt to reinforce the inside top of the bag. Cut four 1-by-12-inch strips of felt for the handles.
3. Pin together two handle strips, and sew along each long side, close to the edge. Repeat for the second handle.
4. Pin the ends of the handles onto what will be the inside top of the bag (the short ends), 2 1/2 inches in from each side. Pin the 1-by-10-inch strips of felt over the handles, aligning them with the bag's top edges.
5. Sew along each edge of the reinforcement strips, securing the handles as you go.

6. To create the bottom of the bag, fold it in half, wrong sides together, and pin at both bottom corners, 1 inch up from the fold. Fold the bag back, right sides together, and pin along the sides, keeping corner folds in tact. Sew along the sides, 1/8 inch from the edge.

7. Press the bottom side edges of the bag to form a flat bottom. Press the side seams. If desired, punch holes into handles and along the bag's top edges

*I used contrasting yellow strips for the inside of the handles and for the embellishments.. the flowers were hand sewn with a button and I also added a little hot glue.
*The letters were glued on and I used a zig zag stitch around the edges
*The ribbon is hot glued around the seam at the top

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Project Display Board

This was super easy and fun to make. I used fabric for the board background. (Chloe's Imagination by Tina Givens) glue it on with modge podge, as well as over the fabric. wrap around the edges of the board as well.

I bought the jumbo clothespins at Hobby Lobby. I copied some other fabrics by Tina Givens that coordinated with the other fabric and printed them off the computer (with the help of photoshop) onto white cardstock. I then glued them on with modge podge and used it on top as well.
Then, embellished them with buttons and ribbon and used hot glue to glue them to the board.

Now my girls will have a stylish board to display their beautiful artwork and school work!

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Dolls and Blankets

These dolls are a lot of fun to make and personalize them for the child you are making them for! this one is for my sweet neice :) she is turning 1. One day I figure out how to post the patterns on here..and if anyone knows, please inform me! Otherwise you can check it out at Martha Stewart, black apple dolls. I have modified the arms and hair shape a you can make it how you want. Also, I embroidered the face, rather than paint.

This blanket is also for my neice's birthday! it's a 34"x42" with a 2" satin ruffle trim. Minky swirl and cotton. I prewashed the cotton side before I sewed on the minky side...I think this is a good idea, so that the different type of fabrics can be even when made and washed again.

Monday, February 1, 2010

Christmas Card Wreath

You need: 14" embroidery hoop: paint it any color you like or wrap with ribbon with glue.
small clothespins about 3" apart, glue with hot glue. (I alternated the pins facing different directions, but you can have them all going the same way)
4" ribbon tied between each clothespins
Large ribbon for hanging

Next, pin your Christmas cards onto the clothespins!

Puffy Heart Pendant, Window Seat Cover

Fuschia & Pink swarovski puffy heart

I decided my window cill needed a padded cusion bench seat. So I measure it and got working. I bought 2 in thick foam for the seating. I used Amy Butler print fabric and decorative cord for the edge. I also plan on putting a piece of batting on the top for extra cushion. If you are interested in making one and don't know how, contact me :)

There is a free tutorial for the Puffy Heart Pendant! visit

You can use swarovski crystals..which I plan to do the next time, but this one I made with plastic beads and it turned out super cute!!

You need about 76 of one color of bead (about 4mm size) and about 37 or so of another color, same size. 100 cm of bead wire (clear) and another 50 cm (2 seperate pieces).

You also need about 10 small silver balls for the bale and about 12in or so of the wire.

About 3 large beads to fill the inside to keep the heart shape :)

Great gifts for Valentines Day!!

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Valentines Wreath

I have never decorated for Valentines Day before.. and thought I'd do at least a wreath to celebrate the Love month..haha

Things you need:

about a 10" styrofoam circle form, Ribbon, dried flowers, hot glue, scissors, large paper clip, utility knife, sand paper block, pliers.

This wreath is also found on Martha Stewart, but I did it a little different.

I started out by making a pattern heart from paper to make sure I get an even shaped heart and traced it onto the styrofoam. Then, cut the styrofoam with a large razor blade or something sharp along the lines. Next, angle the blade along the edges to make a beveled edge so you can make a more demensional shaped heart with your flowers wrapping around the edge. Sand the edges to make smooth corners and an even shaped heart.

Stretch out a large paper clip and make a cook the width of whatever size ribbon you use to hang. Make sort of a squared U shape and stick the 2 ends of the paper clip into the form and bed the ends back into the form out the other side with pliers. Glue where the paper clip is instered and comes out on both sides with hot glue to secure it.

Cut off the stems of the slowers to about 1/4" or so there's enough area to glue the flower to the form. Start in one section and work your way around the heart: make sure the edges look even all the way around. I used cockscomb dried flowers here :) (They are hard to find.. ordered them online).

Hang with your favorite matching ribbon and you are ready for Valentines Day!

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Grocery bag holder

If you want your holder all one color - 1 piece of fabric, 20 x 25 inches. If you want strips like pictured here, you'll need 6 pieces of fabric, 20" x 5 ".
2 pieces of narrow elastic (1/2", 1/4" wide or smaller). 11 " and 6 1/2 ".
1 piece of ribbon - 14 inches long.

If you're using strips, sew all of them together along their long sides (a little larger seems than your elastic). Iron all of the seams open.

Then, make a casing for your elastic at each end. Turn over the fabric about 1/4" and then fold it over again a little larger than the size of your elastic. Sew really close to the fold so that your elastic can still fit. Do this to both ends.

Now, thread your elastic through each end and sew each end of the elastic securely to the opening of each end of the casing. Keep in mind, the larger piece of elastic is for the top of your holder (so you can shove many bags in) and the smaller piece of elastic is for the bottom (so that you only pull one bag out at a time).

Next, turn the holder right side out and pin the ribbon (I turned the end under once) into place, about 3/4 of an inch from the top. Sew the ribbon into place several times, making it secure.

Lastly, sew the 2 long sides together, with right sides together and sew other side of ribbon to other side of bag.

Stuff it and Hang it!