Saturday, January 23, 2010

Valentines Wreath

I have never decorated for Valentines Day before.. and thought I'd do at least a wreath to celebrate the Love month..haha

Things you need:

about a 10" styrofoam circle form, Ribbon, dried flowers, hot glue, scissors, large paper clip, utility knife, sand paper block, pliers.

This wreath is also found on Martha Stewart, but I did it a little different.

I started out by making a pattern heart from paper to make sure I get an even shaped heart and traced it onto the styrofoam. Then, cut the styrofoam with a large razor blade or something sharp along the lines. Next, angle the blade along the edges to make a beveled edge so you can make a more demensional shaped heart with your flowers wrapping around the edge. Sand the edges to make smooth corners and an even shaped heart.

Stretch out a large paper clip and make a cook the width of whatever size ribbon you use to hang. Make sort of a squared U shape and stick the 2 ends of the paper clip into the form and bed the ends back into the form out the other side with pliers. Glue where the paper clip is instered and comes out on both sides with hot glue to secure it.

Cut off the stems of the slowers to about 1/4" or so there's enough area to glue the flower to the form. Start in one section and work your way around the heart: make sure the edges look even all the way around. I used cockscomb dried flowers here :) (They are hard to find.. ordered them online).

Hang with your favorite matching ribbon and you are ready for Valentines Day!

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