Wednesday, December 9, 2009


This is an adult blanket size 72x60 with about a 1 1/2 in ruffled trim (satin). Both sides of the blanket are minky fabric.

First I start off and attach the satin to one of the fabrics on the right side; upside down along the edge and ruffled it as I sewed (raw edges together). First make sure you measure your length of the trim to be double the length of the fabric and pin along the edge so you ruffle evenly.

The corners sew the trim inside out together and flip! very easy.

Once it is sewn along the entire piece of fabric, then you put both fabric pieces right side together and sew 3 sides with the trim inside. Then, flip right side out and turn in the side without the trim and sew along the edge..almost done!

Last, you want to go along the edge and sew at the bottom of the trim to keep it all flat and together. For a blanket this size, you will need to quilt it, so I just hand sewed about every 4 or so inches around the entire blanket to keep it all together and flat. Now you're done!

(I sell these for $150)

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Fun Homemade Crayons

These crayons are a blast to make and kids go crazy for them! Use old crayon nubs or soak any crayons with paper wrappers in water for a while to make them easier to peel. I use approximately 6 crayons per muffin tin hole. It is best to heat the wax at about 250 degrees in your oven for 8-10 minutes. Check them at 8 minutes. You will want the colors to just to have melted and still be able to see swirls. If you let them cook to long they ruin.

PS - I have an old rusty half dozen muffin tin that I use for this project so I don't have to worry about cleaning the wax ring that gets left behind from these beauties.

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Skirts and Banners

Happy Birthday
Happy Halloween
Tinker bell Tutu

Rosetta Tutu

Black Witch pettiskirt

Halloween is here and I love to dress up! The black pettiskirt is my witch skirt :) I'm going to post final pics when the time comes. The green tutu is for Tinkerbell and the maroon is for Rosetta

The banner says: Happy Halloween..easy to make:

*1/4yd makes 2 depending on what you are spelling and how many different fabrics you want to use: I used 7 different fabrics.

*about 4 yards of binding, twill tape, or ribbon

*about 1 yard 2 sided fusible facing (whatever thickness you desire..or you can just use heat n bond)

*about 1/2 yard material for cutting out letters: I traced chipboard letters onto fabric (you can print out your font and cut it out of chipboard)

*1/2 yard wonder under, heat n bond, fabric glue for letters along the edge of the triangle once the interfacing is ironed in and then sew on the binding: overlap each triangle corner just a little.

The triangles are 8in wide on top and 10 in long down the middle (fold your fabric in half, then cut out the triangle) The interfacing should be just smaller than the fabric.

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Onsie Fun

This is a 2 day project; dye the first day, decorate the second day!

Onsies or shirt
Large bowl or sink
Felt or fabric
Liquid Stitch or Sewing Machine

I just followed the instruction on the dye package. I used velvet black, flamingo pink and purple. After I dyed them I washed them to make sure the didn't bleed after I applied my applique. I just let them air dry.

Next I cut all my applique's. Place a piece of wax paper inside the shirt. Then using the liquid stitch glue on your felt or fabric. Place something heavy on-top of the design to apply pressure. Let dry for 24 hours. I have never used liquid stitch so I am not sure how well it will hold up. If you are worried about it just sew it on instead.

Note: I like the uneven color created by dying the shirts. If you don't you may have to dye your onesies twice or leave them in longer.

For the ruffled onesie I used this tutorial:

Friday, September 4, 2009

A different kind of Tie Dye

You will need:
90% alcohol (put in a spray bottle)
color permanent markers
white t-shirt
(you can even apply to different things, like canvas bags)
This type of tie-dye is a little different. First, you choose a design. Next, put some cardboard inside the shirt. Draw your design using dots (for example, instead of drawing with lines, I drew dots in a heart shape). You can even just do dots all over the shirt and create a traditional tie dye look. Then, you put 90% alcohol in a spray bottle and saturate the design area, leaving the shirt flat, until dry. This way it can distribute evenly.

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Chair Cover

I found this chenille fabric online for super cheap! it's durable and great to cover up my white micro fiber chairs. I designed this simple cover so that I can remove it anytime and wash it. I can just velcro on the straps on the back of the chair.
I used a thin material for making the pattern. I traced on top of the material over the chair and cut out the pattern, then the fabric. then I measured the sides of the chairs to know the length I wanted and the width of the chair. The concept wasn't difficult, although putting all of them together is going to be a little time consuming. In the end, it will be nice to put the booster chairs on top and not have to worry about the ruining the chairs.
I'm sure these covers in the stores cost much more than it did for me to make them :)

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Cart Covers, Aprons, & Blankeys

This wonderful travel blankey was made from the little leftover fabric that I had! I also happened to have the deep purple satin fabric from my daughter's pillow case that I made. These are also available @ Mom&Me. My girls love these..they're great for on the go and they use them for their dolls/babies.

This is one of the cart covers I made from "Mom & Me" and I loved the fabric! The carrying case is great for on the go and for keeping your cart cover clean!

I made this apron and finger tip oven mitt for my good friend :) super easy pattern! I can send you instructions on the fingertip mitt if interested.. just leave me a comment

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Pettiskirts and Shirts

These Pettiskirts are super cute! They are somewhat time consuming, but the end result is sure worth it! The shirt is a onesie that was white and just washed it w/ something red and turned it pink :) Then, I shirred (ruffled) some of the nylon chiffon onto the sleeves and made a flower and sewed it onto the onesie.
For the instructions on the pettiskirts, check out

Sunday, July 26, 2009


I've been having fun making gifts for birthday presents. We had a birthday for my little cousin Nolan, who turned 1. His room is blue and brown and I had a bunch of blue/ brown print fabrics laying around and I happened upon this site and it has tons of fun patterns. I found this ball pattern and figured , what 1 year old boy doesn't love balls. so I made it in about an hour and embroidered his name on it :) it was a lot of fun to make.

back view (tutu)

flower clip

front view (tutu)

We also got to go to a fun bday for my friends daughter who turned 3 and she loves dress up! I had some extra tulle and luckily it was pink! so I took some brown silk and made the elastic waist band. I measured my daughter, who happened to be about 23" so I doubled that and cut the silk that there would be extra for ruffling. Then, I sewed the two wrong ends together. Then, I cut about 110" of the tulle, which had 4 layers (width can be whatever length you like) and I sewed it onto the silk waist and ruffled it as I sewed. Once that was done, which I forgot to mention, I created 2 button holes w/ bias tape for the elastic and satin ribbon. I then sewed where the elastic would go through and then pulled it through, then the ribbon.
For the shirt: I just got a plain white shirt and ruffled the tulled (sort of like a base stitch) and curled it into a rose and sewed it on to the shirt; starting from the middle and going around until you're on the outside. The sleeves were easy.. just ruffle on about a 1/2 " of the tulle, 2 layers thick around the sleeve.
The clip, was easy. I ruffled on about a 1/2 " of tulle onto a piece of brown satin ribbon and then curled it into a rose and then sewed around, like previous. then hot glued on the small ribbon and then the button and last the clip.. and there you have it.. once complete tutu outfit :)

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Cooking in the kitchen

I was so excited to make these.. especially now that I have a matching mitt to my apron.. I'm set! These are super easy! all you need is your outer fabric, lining fabric, bias tape, and 2 layers of batting (2 sets). you can also use poly mylar..but I just used an extra layer of batting. It's also quilted, which is super easy.. you can do any design; I just followed the pattern on the fabric and it blends in nicely. We made these at our "sewing sisters" group!

Friday, June 12, 2009

Cord Covers

This is a very simple project. Measure the length of cords you wish to cover and double the length in fabric. Cut 2 strips and sew raw sides together and turn right side out and hem both ends and you have a decorative cover for the ugly cords.

Saturday, June 6, 2009

Family Home Evening Plaque

A while back we made these Family Home Evening plaques for mid week and I forgot to post it. Anyways, this project is fun!
First you need a pre-made wood plaque..or if you or your husband is handy and you have the right tools, to can rout a piece of wood. So, then antiqued the edges after painting them white first, using some dark brown glaze. Then I used modge podge for gluing the scrapbook paper on.
Then, we had the vinyl letters pre-made from a friend who had a vinyl letter cutter.. once again another tool that would be useful.. but you can buy the vinyl lettering elsewhere, rather than buying your own vinyl lettering cutter..which is quite expensive. So, you stick on the letters and use modge podge again over the whole thing. then I screwed on the hooks and done! One day I will have tags made for each family member.. they are ready to be made, just haven't been done yet.. are kids are still a little young, but soon I will make them and when I do, I will post, since so many people are just dying to see them ?


I made this apron for a friend's birthday, and I really enjoyed making it! maybe one day I can have downloadable patterns, but I would have to figure out how to do that first.. although I didn't have a pattern for this, since it is just a simple apron. It's a vintage fabric and I think vintage goes well with anything in the kitchen :) makes it funner to cook..right?

for the pocket...I sewed the bias tape onto it partially first.. (perhaps next time, if someone is actually interested.. I can made another one and take pictures of each step) then, I sewed it onto the apron. then I pinned the neck strap and ties around the back and sewed the edges on. Then, the flower is ribbon and fabric petals, with a button sewed on.. then I used a little bit of glue to secure it even more. Anyways, super easy.. a little time consuming, maybe just me, but I don't do things quickly. they make great gifts!

Friday, June 5, 2009

Dolls and Curtains

These curtains were fairly easy.. I didn't even use a pattern, just measured the length and width of the window and made panels to that exact measurement (with lining.. I used old sheets!)
I then sewed on plastic rings 10 inches apart, then at the top 5 inches apart and pulled them with a cord and tied it. sew the top for the curtain rod (about 2-3 inches thick)
These dolls weren't very hard, but a little time consuming :) you can get the pattern on Martha Stewart website "black apple dolls."
The face is used with embroidery floss and the hair and flower is felt. The body is muslin and the legs are old jeans. The body is any fabric!
(The yellow hair doll is for my blondie girl and the red hair doll is for my auburn haired girl )

Monday, June 1, 2009

Toddler Bibs

These are coordinating pocket Bibs!
(Can you tell I have 2 girls?)

These will soon be available on my site:
They are lined in vinyl for easy wiping and cleaning and creates a nice large pocket for food to fall in, when eating. has a velcro neck; easy for Toddler to put on and take off. Snaps for the pockets that can easily be unfolded for cleaning!

Mothers Day Blocks

For Bunco just before Mother's Day I made these blocks for one of the gifts
  • 3"x3" block wood
  • modge podge
  • scrapbook paper
  • ribbon
  • letters
  • spray glitter

glue on your scrapbook paper (with modge podge), then let dry, then cover with a thin layer of modge podge. then glue on your letters (these ones were initially yellow, and I used a stencil brush and did a crackle paint technique with brown paint).

Next, I added the ribbon to each block or you if you wanted to stack them as shown only add the ribbon to the top block (or each bock can have ribbon, without the bow on the top..except for the top).

Then, spray the glitter over the blocks

Camera Strap

These camera straps are super easy to make!
I used a pre quilted fabric
sew bias tape onto the edges..after you have measured the correct length
the sew the wrong sides together and turn right side out. feed your camera strap through the cover.. voila!
Now you have a stylish strap along with a little extra comfort!

Wednesday, April 22, 2009


Pillow Case, Comforter, & Bed Skirt

Tutu & Bow

For the Comforter:

first, I measured the bed (twin size) and baught the twin size packed batting..I doubled it up for thickness. I measured the design and cut the pieces and pinned them. I started from the middle and worked out.. the corners were done at the very end and I marked from the corner to the end to make an even straight line, pinned them and sewed. I then sewed on an old sheet for the backing of the comforter..sewing them right sides together, leaving one side open, then inserted the batting. I flattened it all out and sewed along the seams already present to keep everything together and then sewed the end!

Pillow case:

same design as the comforter, yet smaller verson. then i just added purple silk, folded it in half to make about an inch ruffle. folded from the inside and right sides together, flipped it around and the corners, I just turned inside out and sewed along the edge and turned it back around.. (I hope this is making sense). Then, pretty much the same as the comforter..although the back side of the pillow case there's one side a little larger and one smaller to make a fold over insert for the pillow..made from an old sheet ..that's the recycle well as the purple ribbon trim on the tutu bedskirt.. I had leftover from my wedding 6 years ago!


I used the existing bedskirt, cut off the sides and just sewed an old sheet panel on each side and then did a base stitch on double the length of the bed and ruffled it and sewed it on. Make sure you sew the ribbon trim on first thing!

The Bow and Tutu:

The bow.. can't really explain, but the Tutu.. fairly easy!

First, I did the belt.. I just wrapped 2 different ribbon around eachother..pinned them and sewed them. then I pinned on the old bedskirt fabric (from before the new tutu bedskirt!) and the tulle.. did a base stitch on the satin fabric lining and cut pieces of tulle and added them one by one, bunched them all together, pinned them and sewed them to the ribbon belt. then I added another strip of purple ribbon on the inside and sewed it on..for a finished look.

The bedding stuff was for my daughters birthday! and the Tutu and bow was made for my niece's birthday! I love making stuff for people :)

Friday, March 6, 2009

Spring Time

Vinyl letter plaque
scrapbook paper and modge podge, vinyl letters and stickers, ribbon and flower.. voila!

Fabric message boards:
masonite board or similar, batting and fabric, ribbon and buttons. staple the back and hot glue the buttons..presto!

Block Letters:
3"x3" wood blocks, scrapbook paper and modge podge, chipboard letters, ribbon.. and there you go!