Saturday, June 6, 2009

Family Home Evening Plaque

A while back we made these Family Home Evening plaques for mid week and I forgot to post it. Anyways, this project is fun!
First you need a pre-made wood plaque..or if you or your husband is handy and you have the right tools, to can rout a piece of wood. So, then antiqued the edges after painting them white first, using some dark brown glaze. Then I used modge podge for gluing the scrapbook paper on.
Then, we had the vinyl letters pre-made from a friend who had a vinyl letter cutter.. once again another tool that would be useful.. but you can buy the vinyl lettering elsewhere, rather than buying your own vinyl lettering cutter..which is quite expensive. So, you stick on the letters and use modge podge again over the whole thing. then I screwed on the hooks and done! One day I will have tags made for each family member.. they are ready to be made, just haven't been done yet.. are kids are still a little young, but soon I will make them and when I do, I will post, since so many people are just dying to see them ?

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