Saturday, June 6, 2009


I made this apron for a friend's birthday, and I really enjoyed making it! maybe one day I can have downloadable patterns, but I would have to figure out how to do that first.. although I didn't have a pattern for this, since it is just a simple apron. It's a vintage fabric and I think vintage goes well with anything in the kitchen :) makes it funner to cook..right?

for the pocket...I sewed the bias tape onto it partially first.. (perhaps next time, if someone is actually interested.. I can made another one and take pictures of each step) then, I sewed it onto the apron. then I pinned the neck strap and ties around the back and sewed the edges on. Then, the flower is ribbon and fabric petals, with a button sewed on.. then I used a little bit of glue to secure it even more. Anyways, super easy.. a little time consuming, maybe just me, but I don't do things quickly. they make great gifts!

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