Friday, June 5, 2009

Dolls and Curtains

These curtains were fairly easy.. I didn't even use a pattern, just measured the length and width of the window and made panels to that exact measurement (with lining.. I used old sheets!)
I then sewed on plastic rings 10 inches apart, then at the top 5 inches apart and pulled them with a cord and tied it. sew the top for the curtain rod (about 2-3 inches thick)
These dolls weren't very hard, but a little time consuming :) you can get the pattern on Martha Stewart website "black apple dolls."
The face is used with embroidery floss and the hair and flower is felt. The body is muslin and the legs are old jeans. The body is any fabric!
(The yellow hair doll is for my blondie girl and the red hair doll is for my auburn haired girl )

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