Thursday, March 31, 2011

Diaper case

These diaper cases are convenient to find diapers in your bag!

I regret to inform that I didn't write instructions on how to make this.. so next time I make one I will make instructions and post! and if you  need one, send me fabric and I will make one

Scripture bags

 I made these scripture bags for the girls I am in charge of (8-9 yr olds) at church, called Activity Days. It's a really fun calling (volunteer work) at church. 2x a month we do activity's that also involve learning something. So this activity I made these bags for their scriptures along with a chart to help motivate them to read their scriptures on their own..and carry them in style at church :)
 I cut out a bunch of different shaped and sized flowers and they learned how to put them together and sew them on with a button. they also got their own little sewing kit.. and we even were cheesy by saying.. "reading your scriptures is sew fun!"
 they are pretty much made just like the Easter bags I made, but bigger. they also are lined with the turqoise and brown dot fabric

Art Pads

My girl had a birthday party for a 5 year old and I made an art pad for her.. first time design and the girls loved them, so of course I had to make some for them :)
the second thing is a 24 crayon roll (we use twisty crayons).

the crayon roll is easy.. if you're interested, contact me and I will send instructions
 I used felt for the inside

The art pad.. a little harder, well just more time consuming.
2 coordinating fabrics, velcro for the enclosure, 2 pieces of thin batting on the inside and a piece of carboard for each side. it fits 12 twisty crayons and a 6x9 drawing pad!

big hit for riding in the car, at church, wherever!

Birdy Centerpiece

I made this centerpiece for a friend's babyshower.. and I decided to use it as Easter decor.
I am really into little birdies right now, so that was the theme and I will implement them in my Easter decor as well.
easy project:
 spray paint some branches white. put them together in a vase and put tissue paper in or whatever you want..
 I cut out little birds in cardstock and hot glued them to the branches :)