Thursday, December 8, 2011


Hailey's bedspread is finished.. well it has been for a little while. I still need to finish the pillow cases. I haven't been in the mood for making things recently, so a lot of projects are on hold, until I start feeling a little bit better..being pregnant and all :)

I used the same designer fabric as Tati's comforter, by Tina Givens. I used a diamond pattern with a border.

Saturday, October 29, 2011

Crib Blanket

Made this for my boy!

I bought one package of satin blanket binding and calculated that 4 3/4 yds would be enough, but didn't take into account that I would need a couple inches for the I ran out and needed like only 1/2 yd more, but had to buy another package.. well now I have extra that I can make another smaller blanket for someone :)
My girls already had their summer blankets made, so I had to make the boy one.
Now I need to finish Hailey's comforter for the winter.
I'm excited for the turnout! I made it a little more complicated than Tati's, because I had more fabric this time. I just need to find some material for the backing..I'll probably use an old (but clean) sheet again.

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

baby shoes

download pattern here

<><> <>I made these for a girl I visit teach, who just had a baby boy!
Ok so cut out the pieces as described on the pattern. You should have 4 top pieces and 4 sole pieces as well as any embellishment you may want to add.
Just a not in sizing up the pattern cut where it says to cut the buckle part off and then add the amount labeled 3-12 months and then reattach the buckle piece.

Start by sewing right sides together the two top pieces. Don't sew the outside line together.

Then turn it right side out and top stitch the edge.

Then add any applique or design you want to the shoe. (you could also do this last if you want)

Then with right sides together pin the top to both layers of the sole. You want the "buckle" piece to be against the sole and then the toe of the shoe will over lap the buckle.

Then sew around the edge. To finish it off nice I trim away the extra fabric and then serge the edge, but it is optional.

I made these cuties for my good friend who is having a girl after 2 boys! I am very excited for her :)

Saturday, October 15, 2011

Halloween wreath

This Halloween wreath was super easy, but time do it when you have time, but don't do it all at once! (oops the letters got crooked, I'll have to fix that :)

you need about a total of 1 1/2- 2 yds of fabric ( I had some scraps and I also bought 4 different kinds of material)

1 wire wreath form (I used a 12" form I think)
if you use a bigger form, you need more material!

1 large ribbon for the bow

boo letters (I cut out of carboard, painted, and glued beads)

brooch pins (to attach the boo letters)

cut your strips to 1"x6" pieces. make a pile of the different kinds of material and go in order when tieing them..or tie them in a random order. Just start at the top, on the inner circle and start tieing your strips in double knots side by side.

once all your strips are tied on. use chipboard letters or cut out your own and decorate it.
glue on the brooch pin on the back of the letter with hot glue and pin it to the wreath.

tie a bow and use a brooch pin and pin it to the top.

you are now done and hang it on your front door

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Heart Brooch

There are so many tutorials out there that are amazing.. seems like these days you can learn to do anything online!

So I figured I need to become a little better on giving tutorials for anyone interested.. and I have yet to master it, but I hope this is efficient for now.

To make a heart brooch.. this is what you will need:
hot glue
fabric to cover heart
scrap fabric 1"x 24" (about).. depending on how big you want the heart to be (mine is about 2"x3")
brooch pin

cut out a heart shape on a piece of paper and trace it onto cardboard, then cut it out.
cut about 1/2 in more on the sides of the heart onto fabric
cut along the sides of the fabric on the outside, after you have glued the cardboard heart to the back of the fabric.
start gluing the strips down on the back
 this will be the finished fabric covered heart piece
 cut out a smaller heart shape piece of felt to glue onto the back, where you had glued all the strips down
 with your 1in strip of fabric, fold it in half and glue a strip down about 1 in and start rolling the piece and glue it onto the center of the heart.
Now you can start gluing around and twist the piece as you go
I twist until I get to the bottom of the heart and I come back up to the left side of the heart and roll it into the center of the upper left part of the heart.
Then, I use the remainder part of the strip and starting from the bottom right I tuck it under and start twisting up to the upper right part of the heart until it is all filled in and coiled to the center of the upper right part of the heart (hope this makes sense)

 Now.. you have your heart shape filled in, next you glue along the perimeter of the heart, starting at the top in the middle and glue on your beads/pearls.. whatever you wish to use!
 last, but not least.. glue a brooch pin on the back and you are ready to rock!
I made these for the Beehive girls (12 year old girls in my church, that I am serving with)

We had a lesson on Integrity and we did purple heart invitations and had a packet for them to work on their personal progress.
I thought of the theme.. "Wear your heart on your sleeve" and made the heart brooch so they can remember to be courageous and stand up for what they believe in..yada yada yada.

Oh and don't worry.. you will burn your fingers from hot glue
and I got the pearl beads and pins from Michaels

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Hot pads

had some scrap fabric laying around and thought I'd wip up some more decorative  hot pads for my kitchen.. and we like to use them as little place mats, for when our bowls or plates are hot.

they are 10"x10"
bias tape
and I used white material for the back

Sunday, October 2, 2011


I love turqoise!
I remember loving it as a kid and my Dad brought me home a ring that had some turqoise in it, I think..
I just love the color and how the stones are all unique :)
I paired them with swarovski clear crystals, off white glass beads, and white pearl beads, with blue swarovski square spacers.

This necklace I made to go with an orange dress I bought.. that I've been looking for a good turqoise necklace to go with it, but couldn't find one I liked.. so I got some beads and made one myself.

Monday, September 26, 2011

fabric flower necklace

These were fun to make and fairly quick!
I got to make these for my Activity Days girls as a goodbye gift.. that I will no longer be working with since I am now going to be working with the Beehives in Young Women!

all you need is some scrap fabric, ribbon, glue (I used hot glue), felt, 2 hands with fingers, and embellishments (opt.. I used plastic pearl beads)

cut strips into 1"x24" or so.. the length depends on how big you want the rose..different sizes are nice.

fold your strip in half and place a strip of glue about 2 in from the top, down and start rolling the strip down. (this is your center part of the rose)

Now.. continue rolling your strip around and around.. twist the fabric as often as you like and I like to keep the strip upright to keep the flower flat, once it starts to get bigger.
place glue as your twisting and wrapping every now and then to keep it all together.

(if you have only a small strip, and you want to have a bigger flower.. when you get to the end, tuck the end of the strip and glue it to the back of the rose and from there start with another strip by gluing it to the back and continue rolling it around the previous made rose)

Once the rose is complete and you've glued the end piece to the back.
cut out a piece of felt in a circle the size of the rose on the back and glue half of it on.. so you can slide your ribbon in, before gluing the whole thing down.

I cut about 32" of ribbon and glued the middle part under the felt piece on the back of the rose and glued the other half of the felt down.
place your other roses on the sides.. and depending on how you want them place and make sure you glue the sides of the roses together as well.
The ones that are stacked closer together.. I also glued a piece of small ribbon on the back across the top 2 roses to keep them together more securely

Once all your ribbon is glued under the felt pieces and roses glued together the way you want them placed.. add your emellishments. glue them on and you are done!

which one do you like best and why?

Now I need to make some for my own girls :)

Paper Organizer

I found this idea from Pinterest..
 although I didn't use shipping boxes as suggested, because I didn't feel like going out and buying shipping boxes.. but if you have them on hand, I say that is a wise choice.

This took some time.. because it is more made from scrap cardboard, from leftover boxes from bunk beds.

 I cut up the boxes into the size cardboard I wanted and used hot glue and duct tape to piece it all together and then covered it all in scrapbook paper.

Now I store my scrapbook paper in it!

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

mini scrapbook

We made these for activity days and it was so fun!

you need:
5 brown paper bags (we used the small skinny ones)
metal binding clip to attach all the bags together
scrapbook paper

put your bags together in whatever arrangement you want.. this one is staggered.
attach the clip to keep the book together
start with a strip of scrapbook paper, precut, on the outside page and glue (I used spray adhesive)
overlap around the edges of the bags and when it ends overlap more paper and keep going until it is all covered!

next stop.. embellish with ribbon around the middle and curl w/ your scissors.

last, but not least.. embellish more with cute letters, stickers, etc.. use as a photo book or whatever you want! endless possibilities :)

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Dish Towels & flashcards

Appliqued dish towels

Made these for a good friend's birthday
The brown and turqoise polka dot fabric worked out perfect for the eyes of the birds!

(The appliqued patterns are hand drawn on the fabric and cut out)

Phonogram flashcards
index cards
small book ring
1 hole punch

easy peasy

Friday, August 12, 2011


I made this bracelet for my sis in law for her birthday!
it's so much more fun giving something to someone that you made, rather than bought at a store.

you need:
beads, clamper beads, toggle, clear wire

start by threading your wire through a clamper bead then through one toggle piece and back through the clamper bead. make sure the clamper bead is pulled tight up against the toggle and crimp the bead with your crimper (looks like little pliers)

bead your bracelet however you like.. I did a random pattern

then repeat the other end with a crimper bead and cut any excess wire (string down one of the beads so it doesn't poke out)

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Toy Car Holder

Is it safe to say that most boys love cars.. ok, then check this out!

now your boy can take his cars with him wherever he goes!

simple to make and made it during nap time :)

rolled up with elastic
cut piece for back : 8.5" x 16.5"
cut piece for "garage" slots: 4.5" x 16.5"
cut piece for street: 8.5" x 16.5"
bias tape
1/4"-1/2" elastic
yellow felt

sew on your pieces of yellow felt strips; I made 6 whatever size you want and measure them evenly across the middle of the top part, which will be your street:)
account for 1/4"-1/2" seam on each side.

I did a zig zag stitch around each small rectangle

sew on your bias tape to the top of the "checkered" fabric

sew the "checkered" fabric to the black fabric, under the yellow strips.
make each slot 2" apart (you will be able to fit 8 cars)

now sew the two large pieces together; right sides together along 3 edges; leaving the small side edge open. Reverse the fabric right side out.
tuck in the raw edges and sew the final edge with your elastic folded in half (measure by wrapping around so you have a nice snug when you close it up). Then, sew along the entire circumfrence.

slide in some cars and you are done!

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Toddler throw Blankets

I made the girls coordinating blankets (so glad to be done with these!)

I think they are about 34"x45".. but I wish I would have made them a little wider

first I measure my length and width I wanted (which I should have contemplated more)
then I designed the side w/ the cotton fabric squares.
I sewed each row and when it was all put together I had the satin strips cut, folded, and ironed (2x the length)
next I pinned one edge (leaving about 1-2 in on the outside for the corner) and pinned the other edge, then the middle and sewed on the ruffle along the way.
I did thise around the entire blanket (raw edges together and right sides together)

next when the minky fabric squares were all put together I put right sides together w/ the ruffle edges down on the inside and made sure it was all laid out straight and pinned and sewed along the edges, leaving a portion opened for turning it right side out and finished off the open part.

then I sewed along the edge of the ruffle and the fabric so it lays flat. Finally I quilted in a few spots to keep the 2 fabrics together.

I ran out of the purple and pink swirly minky, so I had to go to the store and buy more but they didn't have the same I bought the pink and green dot minky. I had copied 2 coupons to use for each purchase.. which I have done in the past and told from another employee at the store that it was ok to do that. Once I got to the counter I wanted to do 2 different transactions so that I could get 40% off each cut of the fabric.. since it was 15$/yd. The girl let me do it but said that it wasn't allowed.. oops!
The other fabric is scrap fabric I had already :)

Toddler Bib

This is another Toddler bib that I made for my boy...eating with style! :)

for this one I bought a thinner vinyl so that it is easy to fold up and put in my bag for on the go eating.

first layer is vinyl, fabric, then vinyl.
you need a piece of fabric that is about 1/3 the size of the back of the main/front fabric.. so that when you flip your pocket you have a coordinating fabric.

you need bias tape to sew along the edge and velcro (non sticky) to sew on the tabs.
button snaps after the bib is finished.

for cleaning.. I just use a lysol wipe :)

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Puffy Heart Pendant 6mm

I have made this puffy heart pendant previously.. but this time it is bigger! I made it with 6 mm swarovski crystal bicone beads.

and now I am posting the instructions on how to make it!! or you can go to to see a video :)

start off with 100 cm of clear wire string and 76 beads

string 3 beads in the middle
cross 1 bead by stringing the right and left sides through the bead
1 bead on R,1 bead on L
cross 1 bead
1 bead on R, 1 bead on L
cross 1 bead
2 beads on R
cross 1 bead
2 beads on R
cross 1 bead
string the L thread through onto the next bead on the L (always on the perimeter)
1 bead on R
cross 1 bead
L thread through on the L
1 bead on R
cross 1 bead
L th th the next 2 beads on the L
cross 1 bead
1 bead on R, 1 bead on L
cross 1 bead
1 bead on R, 1 bead on L
cross 1 bead
1 bead on R, 1 bead on L
cross 1 bead
2 beads on R, cross 1 bead on L
2 beads on R, cross 1 bead on L
L th th 1 bead on L
1 bead on R, cross 1 bead on L
L th th next 2 beads on L ( your heart shape will be upside down)
cross 1 bead on R
L th th 1 bead on L
1 bead on R, cross 1 bead
L th th 1 bead on L
1 bead on R, cross 1 bead on R
L th th 1 bead on L
1 bead on R, cross 1 bead on R
L th th 1 bead on L
1 bead on R, cross 1 bead on R
L th th 1 bead on L
1 bead on R, cross 1 bead on R
L th th 1 bead on L
1 bead on R, cross 1 bead on R
L th th next 1 bead on L
1 bead on R, cross 1 bead on R
L th th next 2 beads on L ( you should be back to the bottom middle of the heart shape)
cross 1 bead on R
L th th next bead on L
1 bead on R, cross 1 bead on R
L th th 1 bead on L
1 bead on R, cross 1 bead on R
L th th 1 bead on L
1 bead on R, cross 1 bead
L th th 1 bead on L
1 bead on R, cross 1 bead on R
L th th next 1 bead on L
1 bead on R, cross 1 bead on R
L th th next 1 beads @ bottom
cross 1 bead (at this point you are done w/ this part and you can thread the wire through some beads and then tie a secure knot.. right over left, left over right, right over left)

Now you need a 50 cm long string
Thread Through 2 beads on the top side of the heard (heart facing you sideways)
1 bead on R, 1 bead on L
cross 1 bead
L th th on L
1 bead on R, 1 bead on L and cross through the bead on the R
R th th next 2 beads on the R
cross 1 bead on R
R th th 1 bead on R
1 bead on R
cross 1 bead on R
L th th next 2 beads on L
cross 1 bead on L
L th th 1 bead on L
1 bead on L, cross 1 bead on L
R th th 2 beads on R (open up heart to see the bead on perimeter..across at the bottom)
cross 1 bead on L
R th th 1 bead on R
1 bead on R
cross 1 bead on R
L th th 2 beads on L
cross 1 bead
now you can thread your wire through some beads and tie a knot
and you are done..
ok if you want  your heart to have more strength and shape.. when the top part is open add some larger beads to the inside before you close it up.

   now to make the loop at the top:
string about 10-15 cm of wire through 2 beads at the top middle of the heart.
add about 3-4 bead on the R & L side of the string and cross 1 bead. Re-thread both side back down the rest of the beads and 1 side back to the other side and tie a knot.
  Now you are done and ready to BLING!
( if you don't understand these instructions.. watch the video on my daily bead first)

(big thanks to my friend Roma for showing me how to make these!)

Superhero Cape

The girls have been wanting superhero capes for a while and I finally decided to make them.
I had some leftover fabric that was actually given to me by my mother in law.
They were previously using blankets for capes and they weren't as practical, because they would tie them at their necks and it wouldn't stay very well and it was a huge knot at their neck and uncomfortable.

I measured from the shoulder to the back of the knee for length and then drew out the pattern on the back of the fabric and cut it out.
sew 2 right sides together and turn it right side out and sew the remainder.

I drew the superman symbol and cut the fabric out and the letter of their name and sewed it onto the pink fabric.. before I sewed the blue flower lining.

I used spray adhesive to keep the applique on while sewing w/ a zig zag around the edges.

I sewed the lace on the bottom and sewed the outside edge of the entire cape. I used velcro for the straps and sewed it on (non stick)

really easy and fast and the girls love playing with them on!

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Watch Bracelets!

what you need:

watch face, clear stretchy cord (0.8 diameter), a bunch of beads, 4 lobster clasps, 2 spacers that match the length of the watch face bar (I found them at Michaels)
1. With the elastic, wrap loosely around your wrist three times. Cut the elastic at this point. You will use this piece of elastic to thread your beads.
2. Slide one lobster claws through the elastic with a small bead on each side of each lobster claw. Then slide another lobster claw.  The space from lobster claw to lobster claw should be the less or the same width as the solid bar of the watch.
At this point, pull gently on the elastic so you have the same length coming out of both sides of the lobster claws.
3. Now it is time to slide your beads for the bracelet. Place them in whatever arrangement you like best. I prefer to do both sides at the same time, so I slide some beads down one side of the elastic towards the lobster claw, then I slide some beads on the other side. Once they match about an inch of distance from the lobster claw, I slide one of the connectors in place.
4. After placing the connector, slide more beads down each elastic. Once you have about 2 inches of beads down each side of elastic, slide the other connector in place.
5. Once the second connector is in place, it is time to slide more beads down each of the elastics. You will need to match the same length as the other side, so you only need about 1 inch of beads.
6. Slide one of the lobster claws, be sure that it is facing the same direction as the previous two. Slide the three small beads that will rest along the solid bar of the watch. Slide the last lobster claw, making sure it is facing the same direction as the previous three
7. Grab both ends of the elastic. Make 2 square knots or any other knot that you know will hold the elastic securely.

Design the layout before you put the beads on the string..that way you save time taking beads on and off.. or you'll do it anyway and take forever like I do because I want it to be perfect.

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Art Pad

These Art Pads have been a hit for gifts! they are pretty easy to make and very inexpensive.
This one was for a sweet little girl named Afton :)

Friday, April 8, 2011

Birdy wall art

I like birds.. so I did 2 small paintings with birds for the boys room. the colors match perfectly and it's something interesting for the wall above his crib.

Thursday, March 31, 2011

Diaper case

These diaper cases are convenient to find diapers in your bag!

I regret to inform that I didn't write instructions on how to make this.. so next time I make one I will make instructions and post! and if you  need one, send me fabric and I will make one