Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Heart Brooch

There are so many tutorials out there that are amazing.. seems like these days you can learn to do anything online!

So I figured I need to become a little better on giving tutorials for anyone interested.. and I have yet to master it, but I hope this is efficient for now.

To make a heart brooch.. this is what you will need:
hot glue
fabric to cover heart
scrap fabric 1"x 24" (about).. depending on how big you want the heart to be (mine is about 2"x3")
brooch pin

cut out a heart shape on a piece of paper and trace it onto cardboard, then cut it out.
cut about 1/2 in more on the sides of the heart onto fabric
cut along the sides of the fabric on the outside, after you have glued the cardboard heart to the back of the fabric.
start gluing the strips down on the back
 this will be the finished fabric covered heart piece
 cut out a smaller heart shape piece of felt to glue onto the back, where you had glued all the strips down
 with your 1in strip of fabric, fold it in half and glue a strip down about 1 in and start rolling the piece and glue it onto the center of the heart.
Now you can start gluing around and twist the piece as you go
I twist until I get to the bottom of the heart and I come back up to the left side of the heart and roll it into the center of the upper left part of the heart.
Then, I use the remainder part of the strip and starting from the bottom right I tuck it under and start twisting up to the upper right part of the heart until it is all filled in and coiled to the center of the upper right part of the heart (hope this makes sense)

 Now.. you have your heart shape filled in, next you glue along the perimeter of the heart, starting at the top in the middle and glue on your beads/pearls.. whatever you wish to use!
 last, but not least.. glue a brooch pin on the back and you are ready to rock!
I made these for the Beehive girls (12 year old girls in my church, that I am serving with)

We had a lesson on Integrity and we did purple heart invitations and had a packet for them to work on their personal progress.
I thought of the theme.. "Wear your heart on your sleeve" and made the heart brooch so they can remember to be courageous and stand up for what they believe in..yada yada yada.

Oh and don't worry.. you will burn your fingers from hot glue
and I got the pearl beads and pins from Michaels

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