Thursday, May 13, 2010

Baby Boy!

As you may notice, I am having a boy..soon. Therefore, I bought 4 fabric patterns from Heather Bailey and went to work! of course in the meantime of all these projects, my machine went caput and had to borrow a friends (thank you Julia!!).
These projects are feasible, just a little time consuming..on some (like the bumper)
Baby blue, lime green, and yellow are the colors I chose, since the walls in the room were already the fabrics are mostly blue and green, with some yellow in 2 of them.
I bought 2 yards of 2 of the fabrics, and 1 yard of the other 2 and was able to make all this! I also used 2 sets of white sheets :) The minky fabric I bought about 1 yard and have some left over.. I even have some left over of the Heather Bailey fabric!
If you want instructions on any of these.. email me and I will be glad to help you out on your project!

Baby Travel Blankey: 2" satin trim 14x17
Binky Clip
Burp Rags
Tie Onesie
Car Seat Tent/Canopy
Pillow Case
Window Valance
Crib Bedding
inside bumper
outside bumper
Bed skirt
Now I am ready for this boy to come.. but I just need a name...