Wednesday, December 9, 2009


This is an adult blanket size 72x60 with about a 1 1/2 in ruffled trim (satin). Both sides of the blanket are minky fabric.

First I start off and attach the satin to one of the fabrics on the right side; upside down along the edge and ruffled it as I sewed (raw edges together). First make sure you measure your length of the trim to be double the length of the fabric and pin along the edge so you ruffle evenly.

The corners sew the trim inside out together and flip! very easy.

Once it is sewn along the entire piece of fabric, then you put both fabric pieces right side together and sew 3 sides with the trim inside. Then, flip right side out and turn in the side without the trim and sew along the edge..almost done!

Last, you want to go along the edge and sew at the bottom of the trim to keep it all flat and together. For a blanket this size, you will need to quilt it, so I just hand sewed about every 4 or so inches around the entire blanket to keep it all together and flat. Now you're done!

(I sell these for $150)