Sunday, July 26, 2009


I've been having fun making gifts for birthday presents. We had a birthday for my little cousin Nolan, who turned 1. His room is blue and brown and I had a bunch of blue/ brown print fabrics laying around and I happened upon this site and it has tons of fun patterns. I found this ball pattern and figured , what 1 year old boy doesn't love balls. so I made it in about an hour and embroidered his name on it :) it was a lot of fun to make.

back view (tutu)

flower clip

front view (tutu)

We also got to go to a fun bday for my friends daughter who turned 3 and she loves dress up! I had some extra tulle and luckily it was pink! so I took some brown silk and made the elastic waist band. I measured my daughter, who happened to be about 23" so I doubled that and cut the silk that there would be extra for ruffling. Then, I sewed the two wrong ends together. Then, I cut about 110" of the tulle, which had 4 layers (width can be whatever length you like) and I sewed it onto the silk waist and ruffled it as I sewed. Once that was done, which I forgot to mention, I created 2 button holes w/ bias tape for the elastic and satin ribbon. I then sewed where the elastic would go through and then pulled it through, then the ribbon.
For the shirt: I just got a plain white shirt and ruffled the tulled (sort of like a base stitch) and curled it into a rose and sewed it on to the shirt; starting from the middle and going around until you're on the outside. The sleeves were easy.. just ruffle on about a 1/2 " of the tulle, 2 layers thick around the sleeve.
The clip, was easy. I ruffled on about a 1/2 " of tulle onto a piece of brown satin ribbon and then curled it into a rose and then sewed around, like previous. then hot glued on the small ribbon and then the button and last the clip.. and there you have it.. once complete tutu outfit :)

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Cooking in the kitchen

I was so excited to make these.. especially now that I have a matching mitt to my apron.. I'm set! These are super easy! all you need is your outer fabric, lining fabric, bias tape, and 2 layers of batting (2 sets). you can also use poly mylar..but I just used an extra layer of batting. It's also quilted, which is super easy.. you can do any design; I just followed the pattern on the fabric and it blends in nicely. We made these at our "sewing sisters" group!