Wednesday, October 19, 2011

baby shoes

download pattern here

<><> <>I made these for a girl I visit teach, who just had a baby boy!
Ok so cut out the pieces as described on the pattern. You should have 4 top pieces and 4 sole pieces as well as any embellishment you may want to add.
Just a not in sizing up the pattern cut where it says to cut the buckle part off and then add the amount labeled 3-12 months and then reattach the buckle piece.

Start by sewing right sides together the two top pieces. Don't sew the outside line together.

Then turn it right side out and top stitch the edge.

Then add any applique or design you want to the shoe. (you could also do this last if you want)

Then with right sides together pin the top to both layers of the sole. You want the "buckle" piece to be against the sole and then the toe of the shoe will over lap the buckle.

Then sew around the edge. To finish it off nice I trim away the extra fabric and then serge the edge, but it is optional.

I made these cuties for my good friend who is having a girl after 2 boys! I am very excited for her :)

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