Sunday, July 10, 2011

Superhero Cape

The girls have been wanting superhero capes for a while and I finally decided to make them.
I had some leftover fabric that was actually given to me by my mother in law.
They were previously using blankets for capes and they weren't as practical, because they would tie them at their necks and it wouldn't stay very well and it was a huge knot at their neck and uncomfortable.

I measured from the shoulder to the back of the knee for length and then drew out the pattern on the back of the fabric and cut it out.
sew 2 right sides together and turn it right side out and sew the remainder.

I drew the superman symbol and cut the fabric out and the letter of their name and sewed it onto the pink fabric.. before I sewed the blue flower lining.

I used spray adhesive to keep the applique on while sewing w/ a zig zag around the edges.

I sewed the lace on the bottom and sewed the outside edge of the entire cape. I used velcro for the straps and sewed it on (non stick)

really easy and fast and the girls love playing with them on!

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