Sunday, July 17, 2011

Toddler throw Blankets

I made the girls coordinating blankets (so glad to be done with these!)

I think they are about 34"x45".. but I wish I would have made them a little wider

first I measure my length and width I wanted (which I should have contemplated more)
then I designed the side w/ the cotton fabric squares.
I sewed each row and when it was all put together I had the satin strips cut, folded, and ironed (2x the length)
next I pinned one edge (leaving about 1-2 in on the outside for the corner) and pinned the other edge, then the middle and sewed on the ruffle along the way.
I did thise around the entire blanket (raw edges together and right sides together)

next when the minky fabric squares were all put together I put right sides together w/ the ruffle edges down on the inside and made sure it was all laid out straight and pinned and sewed along the edges, leaving a portion opened for turning it right side out and finished off the open part.

then I sewed along the edge of the ruffle and the fabric so it lays flat. Finally I quilted in a few spots to keep the 2 fabrics together.

I ran out of the purple and pink swirly minky, so I had to go to the store and buy more but they didn't have the same I bought the pink and green dot minky. I had copied 2 coupons to use for each purchase.. which I have done in the past and told from another employee at the store that it was ok to do that. Once I got to the counter I wanted to do 2 different transactions so that I could get 40% off each cut of the fabric.. since it was 15$/yd. The girl let me do it but said that it wasn't allowed.. oops!
The other fabric is scrap fabric I had already :)

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