Monday, September 26, 2011

fabric flower necklace

These were fun to make and fairly quick!
I got to make these for my Activity Days girls as a goodbye gift.. that I will no longer be working with since I am now going to be working with the Beehives in Young Women!

all you need is some scrap fabric, ribbon, glue (I used hot glue), felt, 2 hands with fingers, and embellishments (opt.. I used plastic pearl beads)

cut strips into 1"x24" or so.. the length depends on how big you want the rose..different sizes are nice.

fold your strip in half and place a strip of glue about 2 in from the top, down and start rolling the strip down. (this is your center part of the rose)

Now.. continue rolling your strip around and around.. twist the fabric as often as you like and I like to keep the strip upright to keep the flower flat, once it starts to get bigger.
place glue as your twisting and wrapping every now and then to keep it all together.

(if you have only a small strip, and you want to have a bigger flower.. when you get to the end, tuck the end of the strip and glue it to the back of the rose and from there start with another strip by gluing it to the back and continue rolling it around the previous made rose)

Once the rose is complete and you've glued the end piece to the back.
cut out a piece of felt in a circle the size of the rose on the back and glue half of it on.. so you can slide your ribbon in, before gluing the whole thing down.

I cut about 32" of ribbon and glued the middle part under the felt piece on the back of the rose and glued the other half of the felt down.
place your other roses on the sides.. and depending on how you want them place and make sure you glue the sides of the roses together as well.
The ones that are stacked closer together.. I also glued a piece of small ribbon on the back across the top 2 roses to keep them together more securely

Once all your ribbon is glued under the felt pieces and roses glued together the way you want them placed.. add your emellishments. glue them on and you are done!

which one do you like best and why?

Now I need to make some for my own girls :)

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