Thursday, March 31, 2011

Scripture bags

 I made these scripture bags for the girls I am in charge of (8-9 yr olds) at church, called Activity Days. It's a really fun calling (volunteer work) at church. 2x a month we do activity's that also involve learning something. So this activity I made these bags for their scriptures along with a chart to help motivate them to read their scriptures on their own..and carry them in style at church :)
 I cut out a bunch of different shaped and sized flowers and they learned how to put them together and sew them on with a button. they also got their own little sewing kit.. and we even were cheesy by saying.. "reading your scriptures is sew fun!"
 they are pretty much made just like the Easter bags I made, but bigger. they also are lined with the turqoise and brown dot fabric

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