Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Cart Covers, Aprons, & Blankeys

This wonderful travel blankey was made from the little leftover fabric that I had! I also happened to have the deep purple satin fabric from my daughter's pillow case that I made. These are also available @ Mom&Me. My girls love these..they're great for on the go and they use them for their dolls/babies.

This is one of the cart covers I made from "Mom & Me" and I loved the fabric! The carrying case is great for on the go and for keeping your cart cover clean!

I made this apron and finger tip oven mitt for my good friend :) super easy pattern! I can send you instructions on the fingertip mitt if interested.. just leave me a comment

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fuz&michelle said...

Hey, I love all your crafts! They're so cute! I'll have to have you help me sometime!