Monday, September 22, 2008

Calling All Crafters

I am part of the mid week activity committee and I love this calling! We do all sorts of fun things every month and we have a great time. Please email me for your craft ideas and I will post them for others to share!

Here is a name plaque I made for Hailey's room. I bought the letters at Michaels and painted them white (primed first). I got a piece of plywood at Home Depot and had it cut to the size I wanted to fit her name with extra room for the border. The trim is also from Home Depot, which I also painted white. I collaged scrapbook paper and used modge podge to cover it. I nailed the letters evenly spaced on top of the paper and touched up the nail holes. Then the trim was mitered and caulked the spaces in the corners and all around the sides. Voila! kinda time consuming, but worth it!
This fun girly crown we made at an enrichment activity! we also made bracelets with crowns on them. It is just a foam crown and I glued on the jewels with a glue gun..simple! Tati loves it
Gotta love Enrichment! These frames are the square wood frames at Michaels. Slap on some modge podge, then trace the edges of the frame onto scrapbook paper and use an exacto knife and cute the shape, as well as the center. (sand the edges of the wood first) Place the scrapbook paper and put something on top to keep it flat and even, so it doesn't bubble; wait to dry. You can either paint the edges of the frame with a coordinating color of the paper or use coordinating ribbon..I did both. Put on your embellishments and add modge podge on top again..Presto! I used ribbon for hanging and just used a staple gun to attach the ribbon on the back.

For one of our mid week activities, we did jewelry making! I did matching "Mom and Me"necklaces, for Tati and I. There are many great places to get beads: Hobby Lobby, Michaels, beads galore, art gems (which is my favorite). I also did this watch, which took 4 strands of wire on each sides of the watch head and I used a magnetic clasp, which I love.

A simple way to organize and display your girls' cute bows. I just attached a thick piece of ribbon on the door handle and clipped on the bows. I did "binkies and bows" for a mid week activity, which we made bows and binky holders. These two blue and white bows I did for my two girls.. matching big and little sis bows.

One of my favorite Mid Week activities we had was the magnet board. This was a lot of fun and I would love to make another one if I had room in my home! I purchased the magnet boards at IKEA. Modge podge all over the board and organize your paper over it and smooth it flat. Lay something on top to cover and let it dry. Place your embellishments and add another layer of modge podge over the paper. Decorate some magnets with a glue gun and put buttons, rocks, flowers, etc.

The last mid week for September we had was "Sewing Sisters". It was great, we made my "Mom and Me" nursing covers and bibs. We also did aprons. I made a "Mom and Me" apron, matching for Tati and I. email me if you want exact dimension/pattern. I also made a fabric flower, just drew a flower petal, cut them out and sewed them inside out and turned them right side. I did a base stitch at the bottom of each petal, connecting them together and did the same with a different fabric and smaller petals on top. Then, I sewed a button on the top and then stitched it onto the apron. These are fun, especially now that Tati is getting more interested in helping out in the kitchen..also with her own little..soon to be coming for!

Our next mid week, we are going to be doing Name Plaques, Family Home Evening plaques, and fabric pumpkins! I'm excited for these, and I already made my name plaque for our home, so that I could display it at church. I just bought the wood plaque at Michaels and painted the outside beveled edge white and used a brown glaze, brushed it on, and used a sponge to wipe off excess, to give it that antiqued look. Then, I used modge podge and placed on some scrapbook paper. I bought a brush script stencil at Michaels and raw umber paint and stenciled in my last name. I just free handed the est 2003 with a paint brush, you can probably tell, it isn't perfect. I would probably recommend just buying a matching color calligraphy marker or something, or smaller stencil. That's it for now..enjoy and Please tell me about some of the crafty stuff you have made, so I can post it here at the Crafty Shak!

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Tara T said...

I love the mom and me aprons!! I would love the pattern for them if you still have it!!