Monday, February 13, 2012

job chart

The girls were excited to get a job chart all of their own that they can be in charge of. It really gets them pumped about being responsible! the 4 yr old can't read just yet, but she can recognize the first letter of the word and know what the job is.
  I just bought a dry erase magnetic board at the store and covered it with modge podge and paper. I used my handy dandy cricut machine for the letters.
  on the computer, I printed up the chores and bought large flat clear marbles at Michaels.
  the magnets need to be the super strong kind so they don't slide off.
  I glued around the edges of the paper onto the marble so it didn't smear the ink, then glued on the magnet. (you probably should use a kind of glue that works with metal, like gorilla glue,etc.)
    the left side says do and the right side says done.

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